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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

School's out for Summer!

"Teachers are lazy."

"Teachers make way too much money and have too many holidays."

"Teachers don't care."

Sadly, these are statements that I have heard a lot in the last little while.  Given that school and the whole issue of 'too many holidays' seems to be a hot topic around this time of year, I thought I would address the negativity surrounding teachers as my blog post.

This negativity has come as a bit of a surprise to me...
Both my parents were incredibly devoted educators. All through school and even into college, I felt that I had many, many teachers who genuinely cared about me and my progress. Later, when I worked in schools, I was basically surrounded by people who were very passionate about their jobs and the little lives they were affecting each and every day.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to become a teacher.

From about the ago of 6, I practiced on my little sister - making her sit at a desk as I taught her math and French. I even made up worksheets and tests for her to complete. I can't remember her grades in math or French but I'm sure she scored very well in art as she was constantly drawing on the walls and singing throughout my lessons.

Of course, what I really wanted to be was a Physical Education teacher - teaching kids to play sports all day seemed like a dream job to me! It takes two degrees to become a teacher - one in a specific subject area (so I did a Bachelor of Human Kinetics) and another to learn more about how to teach (a Bachelor of Education). I was extremely fortunate to get a job teaching high-school Physical Education only a few weeks after I graduated.

Working at a school
Since that time, I have taught in a college in Australia (some of my students were older than I was!), an elementary school and also in junior high. Each of these jobs was unique in its challenges but one thing is for sure...teaching requires a lot of hard work and energy! Despite all of that, it is also incredibly rewarding to help shape the future of so many young people.

I had no idea that teaching in schools would eventually lead me down a different path - one as an entrepreneur. Although I no longer work in a school, I still feel like a teacher every day and I love trying to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles!

So...if you are one of those people who already appreciates teachers, thank you! Most teachers work very hard!

If you are one of those people who has jumped to conclusions about how easy it is to work in a school, I invite you to spend another five years in university to get the necessary requirements to become a teacher and see for yourself. Teaching in a school may not be as easy as you think...

And if you are a teacher, please enjoy your well-deserved holidays!