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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Measuring your 'hotness'...a scary conversation!

I was planning on doing a Halloween blog about some scary exercises but I have changed my mind because I heard a conversation on a local radio station this morning that was just too scary to ignore.

The conversation was between 2 female announcers in which one was explaining on air about a fitness challenge she had just completed. Apparently, she and the other participants were weighed and measured prior to the fitness challenge and the person who made the most 'improvements' throughout the challenge would win a trip.

As I listened, warning bells were immediately triggered in my brain. Firstly, because a person's weight and size are not an accurate measure of health and secondly, because I believe that luring people to exercise with frivolous rewards (such as trips) does not create lasting healthy habits or results. True motivation for change comes from within!

Anyways, the most shocking part of this conversation was the part when the radio DJ chimed in... While the fitness challenge participant was describing all of the things that were measured to determine the winner of the challenge, "We were weighed and had our measurements taken..." the DJ interrupted to exclaim "so, you were measuring your hotness." My heart sank - the DJ was basically stating that a decrease in weight and inches would lead to an increase in beauty.

Sadly, we are bombarded every day with subtle messages reminding us that our looks are the most important thing. The inconsiderate comment made on the radio this morning just perpetuates the notion that in order to be beautiful, a woman needs to be skinny. What a horrible and destructive thing to say!

As a fitness professional, it is a constant battle to convince people that health cannot be measured with a scale or tape measure. It is easy to forget that moving well, being strong, and having lots of energy are way more important components of health than looking a certain way or being thin.

Health should be focused around FEELING good and it's everyone's responsibility (especially those in the media who have the power to influence and create change) to start adopting that focus.

Rather than worry about the pounds and inches, why don't we all start measuring health and beauty by the size of our hearts and smiles?

Be Inspired...Get Surefired.
Trainer Kate