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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Training Diary - Power Training Phase

In my last blog, I spoke about the importance of active rest. I am now in a different (and much more intense!) phase in my training for the upcoming golf season...power training!

1-Leg Deadlifts
I love this time of year because it means that I am starting to put together everything I've been building since December. Early in my training season, I was working on things such as basic core strength, balance, and mobility. As my training progressed over the winter, I also wanted to concentrate on perfecting my technique for squats and deadlifts and performed a lot of base line exercises to make sure I was activating all the proper muscle groups (like my glutes!). I know it's been working because I feel strong and I have even put on a bit of weight (which might seem scary but since my clothes still fit, I know it's muscle!).

And finally, now that I am in power training phase, I get to take all the strength I have built and add a speed element to it. In mathematical trainer language...Strength x Speed = Power!

Bosu Push-Ups
This is an essential phase in my training because the last time I checked, a slow golf swing doesn't get the ball very far - I need to get explosive!

This training phase involves working from the ground up and linking movements together (just like in a golf swing!) such as cleans, deadlifts, and squats to overhead presses.

Nutritionally, I have also needed to add more protein to my diet so I started the 90-Day Challenge (wanna join me??? As an 'on-the-go' type of person, I always struggle to make sure I am eating enough good food (and not just whatever I can get my hands on!) throughout the day. Since starting on my 90-day Challenge, I feel great! I can feel that I recover more quickly after workouts and it's nice to know that I am getting all the protein and nutrients I need to get through the day and preserve my muscle mass.

As much as I love working out for golf,  PLAYING golf is even better. Course opens on Friday...YAY!

See you on the course,