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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome to Yoga Public!

It's official...Yoga Public is finally open! It's Canada's largest yoga studio, right here in downtown Winnipeg. I have been so excited about this opportunity for quite some time!

And no, I have not become a yoga instructor...My voice is not exactly buttery soft like a 'real' yoga instructor's, nor can I sit still long enough to teach one yoga pose let alone an entire zen-like class. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE yoga and it is an integral part of my training for golf but I am at Yoga Public to teach TRX classes which tap right into my fitness and trainer background.

For those of you who are still not familiar with TRX Suspension Training, click here where you can access a short video demonstration.

Canada's largest yoga studio
I had heard about the opening of Yoga Public through the grapevine and caught wind that part of their plan was to open a TRX studio. My eyes brightened with excitement! I did my TRX instructor certification two years ago while I was down in Florida for golf training over winter and instantly fell in love with the TRX! In my opinion, it is the number one training tool in terms of versatility and functionality on the market today. 

I immediately began incorporating the TRX into my own workouts and due to its portability, I also started sharing exercises with my personal training and group fitness clients. When I heard about the Yoga Public studio, I imagined it would be a great place to share my love for the TRX with even greater amounts of people!

Thankfully, everything fell into place and I was asked to be a part of the Yoga Public TRX Training Team. Since then, I have been waiting, (not so patiently!) for Yoga Public to open its doors.

TRX Studio at Yoga Public
It all began on Friday with the Grand Opening Party where I had the pleasure of  introducing TRX Suspension Training to all kinds of people who stopped by to visit during the open house including Winnipeg's Mayor, Sam Katz and Hot 103's Ace Burpee.

And then finally on Sunday, I got to teach my first TRX classes - it was so much fun! I taught three classes in a row, two Body Blast classes and a Cardio Circuit - my arms were definitely burning by the end just from demonstrating all the exercises!

To top it off, I have also attended a Restorative, a Hot Yin, and a Core on the Wall class just to test out the other studios. All the classes were excellent and basically forced me to relax, stretch, and slow down which is exactly what I need. Yoga is the perfect compliment to all the more intense training that I do and is great for my overall well being and my golf game. It's just so much fun to be a part of such an amazing place! The studio is absolutely beautiful and offers so many types of classes - hopefully I'll see you there soon.

Click here for more information on Yoga Public.