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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I cringe when I see this at the gym...

I was only at the gym for about an hour this morning and in that short time, I observed at least 7 different people engaging in a particular exercise (or some form of it) that absolutely makes me cringe! While performing this exercise may help to strengthen some of your abdominal muscles, the hazards of doing this exercise far outweigh the benefits. Please, people...stop doing sit-ups!

Kate performing the plank.
The majority of the population has poor posture. Too much time spent hunched over the steering wheel and sitting in front of the computer or TV for has resulted in many of us having rounded shoulders with a head and neck that are slumped forward. So why would we continue to worsen that problem by repeatedly going into a forward 'crunch' position while exercising??? We are already 'crunched' enough! Instead, please choose one of the dozens of exercises you can do (like a simple plank) that will strengthen your core and help make your posture better.

Click here for details on working with a trainer to create safe and effective core strengthening programs.

Be Inspired...Get Surefired.