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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Going Gold!

So excited today! This probably confirms the depth of my nerdiness but I finally received my training manuals for the Twist Sport Conditioning Gold Level courses.

A few years ago, I completed the Twist Sport Movement, Sport Balance, and Sport Strength courses and I loved them.

I applied many of the ideas and principles I had learned to my own training (tennis at the time, and golf now) and also to help my clients become better athletes. Shortly thereafter, Twist changed the structure of their coach education programming and what I had earned in all my coursework with them was the equivalent of what they now refer to in their coach education program as their Silver Level . Unfortunately, at that time, they had not yet developed, finalized or published the content for their advanced coach education program or Gold Level courses - until now!

My reading for the next little while!
I'm so excited to get into it! I absolutely LOVE learning new things and I am a complete nerd when it comes to gaining knowledge about sport conditioning. The course is divided into the same 3 categories - Sport Movement, Sport Balance, and Sport Strength each with their own giant manual, workbook, DVD, and exam. I am SO looking forward to incorporating some of the new ideas into my own training for golf and integrating some of the exercises and drills into my teaching. Now if only I could decide where to start...